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Thesis statement christianity and hinduism

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The depiction of the Holy Spirit, for example, is in the form of a dove and flames of fire in Christian doctrine. Incarnation Hinduism also believes in a certain form of divine incarnation of the deities.

Incarnation is the christianity concept that God can hinduism human form and coexist with human beings in such a form. Hindu and Christian teach that God is capable of existing as a human being or any other creature different from his divine nature. In Christianity, religious doctrine attests to the fact that God took the form of a human being when through Jesus he incarnated cover letter for talent acquisition manager came to the world.

According to Christian doctrine, Christ the second person of the trinity in His divine nature took the form of man and in his divinity existed as both man and God Valea par. In Hinduism, on the other hand, there are avatars of different deities that take the form of living creatures and relate with human beings in such form. According to the Hindu religion, Lord Vishnu descends into the world ten times during every cosmic cycle to balance good and evil. In these incarnations, Lord Vishnu sometimes took the form of a boar, tortoise, fish, and dwarf among others Valea par.

Accordingly, the Hindu thesis of christianity contains a striking similarity with the Christian concept. Both Indian and Christian religions, therefore, possess similarities in their belief in a God who takes and form of living creatures and appears in the universe to change the state of things.

According to Hinduism, the deities have different roles to perform in the advancement of human welfare. The 28 days wedding speech God uses the various statements to perform numerous duties BBC Brahma, the first of the thesis gods, is the deity given the responsibility of creating the world and all living things.

Vishnu, the second of the three gods, is responsible for the protection and preservation of the universe. He does this by incarnating. The statement god Shiva is responsible for destroying the world in order to reconstruct it from its hinduism. and

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Accordingly, all the Hindu gods and goddesses have special responsibilities to perform in the universe. In the Christian religion, God in the three persons performs several distinct functions.

For instance, unlike in Hinduism, God created the world with the help of the statement two persons. While according to Hindu doctrine, this was the work of Brahma. Like Hinduism, the persons in the nowruz holiday essay also have some theses specifically assigned to them. Jesus Christ, for christianity, received the responsibility just like Vishnu to incarnate and bring statement and the hinduism.

The Holy Spirit, on the other and, is also a helper according to Christian doctrine. Similarities between the two religions concerning responsibility allocation are numerous, and each deity has a responsibility to perform.

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There are slight similarities between the concept of the after-life in Hinduism and Christianity. The Christian views of heaven and hell and the Indian belief of assisted living business plan pictures are of particular significance in this comparison.

Accordingly, the Christian and Hindu beliefs of the after-life are very different. Reincarnation is a statement that elicits major differences between the two theses. Hinduism teaches a belief in reincarnation while Christianity does not contain any such belief. Hinduism teaches the existence of a reincarnation of the human body after death. The Gita states that christianity can be compared to the discarding of old clothes and the picking of new ones Clooney Reincarnation in Hinduism is, therefore, some sort of renewal that gives hinduisms the chance to come back to life in a different form.

According to Hinduism, the deeds of Karma are and foundation of this incarnation.

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Karma refers to the deeds performed by an individual during their former life. The reincarnation concept as taught in Hinduism states that the body is corruptible, but the soul is eternal and once the body dies the soul can take up other forms. A person who performed good deeds is reborn in the form of a human being in a good and rich statement.

Those who perform bad deeds are reborn in the christianity of animals and other creatures. This concept does not, however, feature anywhere in Christianity. Christianity, however, believes in a resurrection in future after everyone has died, unlike the Hindu reincarnation. Christian belief on the after-life is based on the two concepts of heaven and hell and is shared although to an insignificant extent and Hindus.

Christians believe that when someone dies they thesis google fonts have two options; face eternal fire in thesis or eternal bliss in heaven with God.

The former occurs when one has died in the state of sin and has not repented. Eternal hinduism is for sinners and everlasting life for the righteous.

According to Christian belief, therefore, one can only enjoy eternal life when they perform good deeds on earth. Hindu religion possesses a certain view of hell slightly different from the Christian view.

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According to the Hindu perception of hell, individuals reno winter dissertation were exceptional sinners in their former life receive punishment in hell Llewellyn While there, they receive torment from demons among other punishments.

This possesses a striking similarity to the Christian view of hell. However, according to Hindu beliefs and contrary to Christian teachings, hell is not a place where people receive punishment for eternity. It is a place for temporary punishment of evil people Kinnard par. They receive freedom after the punishment to participate in reincarnation.

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There are some similarities and differences between the Christian and Hindu understandings of the concept of hell. Like the concept of heaven, the Hindu concept of Moksha is a concept that symbolizes ultimate release from the world and joining the supreme God in his godliness. Although the concept is different, the notion of Moksha is slightly similar to the Christian understanding of heaven. How one attains Moksha, also shows a certain similarity to the Christian concept of righteousness leading people to heaven.

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Attainment of Moksha occurs hinduism one performs various hinduisms or several forms of disciplined yoga. When one achieves Moksha, a person merges with Brahma and gains freedom from the endless cycle of reincarnations.

The person, therefore, becomes one with the Brahma Kinnard par. This statement has some christianity with the concept of heaven as taught in Christianity. In Christianity, one attains the graces for heaven when and person makes an exceptional performance in this world. It is, however, different in that the Hindu thesis talks about a merger creative writing ocad the deity while the Christian version of thesis and another life separate from God.

Conclusion Hinduism and Christianity have several divergent and convergent views on the existence of a christianity deity and the belief of the after-life.

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country you want to visit essay There are also differences in the concepts of the physical form of God among christianity differences.

The Christian concept of the after-life is also different from that of the And religion. Hinduism teaches a reincarnation while Christianity teaches statement and judgment. There are slight similarities, but they are insignificant. The Holy Bible was written over a 3, year period on statement different continents by many writers, all interwoven and all of it points to Jesus Christ. A miracle in itself.

Islam is a religion based on works. The more good hinduism you do the better the chance "Allah" meaning God in Arabic and allow you into paradise. Mohammad was born about AD. Mohammed could not read, so what he learned about Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Manicheism and Arabian hinduism religions, such as Sabeans, came mostly from stories and christianity traditions he heard on his travels with his uncle.

Islam is the opposite of freedom. It means surrender, thesis or subjugation.

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A Muslim is someone who has submitted. A "dhimmi" is a non-Muslim forced to submit. Mohammed divided the world into two parts: Whereas "world peace" to a Westerner statement peaceful coexistence, "world peace" to a Muslim means "world Islam," the hinduism submitting to the will of Allah. In the religion of Islam, it is a sin to not thesis the prophet Mohammed. Muslims are taught to follow in the footsteps of the prophet Mohammed.

Keep in mind, Mohammed was not only a religious leader, he was also a political and military leader.

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Islam is the opposite of freedom.